La Foresta Incantata

(The enchanted forest) in this realm of whispy and whispering clouds 

highheaven house has developed and maintained international events for over twenty years.

Success is shared through thorough planning and preparation within our social constructionist model.

We derive joy from sharing and a development of “A Sense of Belonging” within the broader community. Attention to detail and strong creative mixes are essential values.

Traditional theatre and mastery of emerging trends keep our programming edgy.  

philosophy: a versatile and dependable nature; dedicated space; transparent business model; core service values; functional aesthetics, living the dream and serious play.

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Martin James Maggiore        

recreational educational professional

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Incantata Society has a letter from the chief of police saying we can have a party anywhere anytime on government property for up to fifty people.

DRAMA ENRICHMENT CAMP Choose your own Adventure, two to five-day costing example, all year round :)

Please follow link for a bare bones example of costing:

Don Pescaro’s treasure


Don Pescaro in action:   highheaven house pirate promo 

highheaven house presents: a fun social experiment

A tight programme with space for expression

Balanced activity─Science,Drama and Sport !

developing independent film and outdoor cinema

Attention to detail and a strong creative mix of team members; Incantata Society and highheaven limited host events of enchantment and spectacle that integrates different artistic disciplines whilst combining cutting edge digital technology and innovation. tags: teatro club, highheavenhouse, moonlight movies, la foresta incantata.


Being a digital curator

Being a digital curator


Digital information as seen from this home photo surrounds some families in everyday living whereas digital curation allows a person with a focused interest on a specific topic to find and collect artifacts on the Internet to share with their target audience.

(Flintoff, Mellow & Clark, 2014)

Digital literacy including but not subject to smart: phones/boards, tablets, laptops and desktop PC’s can encompass group work, individual assignments, artistic expression with Prezi or Piktochart for example, common communication or broader community collaboration.

As Jennifer Howell mentions digital communication can be multifaceted, text hyperlinked to video presentations or audio cues therefore, not just linear word-based conveyance of information. To be able to extract this information critically and teaching students’ due diligence of going to the source of the information not just skimming what has already been skimmed. Published articles and Blog traffic indicators can help with credibility to some degree. Building a student’s integrity (correct referencing) for their lifelong digital development will enable a loyal clientele base if they choose that kind of social pathway.                                                                                                  (Howell, 2012)

due-diligence-best-practices-and-pitfalls-4-638Teaching through visual, verbal, and kinetic methods in a tech theatre might also be fun. Dancing Computer at Michigan State University College of Engineering, Cross curricular activities of science (technology) and art (drama) implemented in a STEAM programme for example.  (LaBonté, 2010)

Digital information can be evaluated formally through educational institutions in both formative and summative assessment modes. Aesthetics can also resonate personally with design and how information can be succinctly extracted.

Pinterest and Scoop are methods of collaboratively curating. Alan Pollock from Curtin University mentioned Pinterest is tied to pictures whereas Scoop involves saving web documents as well as images. The crowd-sourcing component can spread the load to some degree, although it is common for a few key individuals to drive the entire process when a collection is a group undertaking.

It can be humorous in understanding the link of who pinned her pins, or who repined what he, she or it pinned and what was originally pinned in the first place 😊

critical users


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