Final reflection

These are my working websites from 2004, as you can see just three out of the nine are still working (not really) no yes yes no no no no yes
This gives a kind of transient scope through which to view our world wide web. Interestingly I did a mini-research following my colleague Simon Ford’s defunct realm of senses site in which it said that the owner was selling it.
On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 8:14 PM, <> wrote:

Thank you for your reply.
We are on opposite time zones. I emailed you the price quote earlier. It may have gone to your spam folder. The seller is asking $2,471 USD. Please reply and let me know you received it as well as how you would like to proceed or if there are any questions.
I look forward to hearing back and assisting you.
It brings to mind a grain of salt regarding digital awareness 😊
Around the time of 2004 one could tweak their hi5 account tailoring modules and widgets in a similar way that wordpress lets you customize today although more basic. My domain recently expired and the DIY platform with never felt user friendly enough to update “on the fly” ….these days it seems communication and office work is often done on public transport or at Grandmother in laws. So therefore, when Curtin suggested wordpress is was great to see that I could link my unused domain which is such a bonus.
Content sourced from scoopit has been put at the end of the blog which makes gathering information about a given topic ever so efficient 😊
As a storyteller and drama teacher I get the feeling that students have a different concept of timeline sequencing when it comes to the digital age as there seems not to be a beginning nor end and perhaps it doesn’t matter when researching and collating information for a project or school assignment, however as educators I feel it is necessary to provide this type of framework and structure within student’s digital education.

Chalk and talk experiment

HMCI’s Primary and Secondary Curriculum research. There is no need to totally eradicate chalk and talk as it clearly has it’s uses in a summative assessment programme as seen by the UK experiment above, perhaps more of a symbiosis between student centered pedagogy.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”— Mark Twain



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