La Foresta Incantata

(The enchanted forest) in this realm of whispy and whispering clouds 

highheaven house has developed and maintained international events for over twenty years.

Success is shared through thorough planning and preparation within our social constructionist model.

We derive joy from sharing and a development of “A Sense of Belonging” within the broader community. Attention to detail and strong creative mixes are essential values.

Traditional theatre and mastery of emerging trends keep our programming edgy.  

philosophy: a versatile and dependable nature; dedicated space; transparent business model; core service values; functional aesthetics, living the dream and serious play.

Look forward to meeting you 

Yours sincerely,   

   S/W Ver: 98.30.72A

Martin James Maggiore        

recreational educational professional

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Incantata Society has a letter from the chief of police saying we can have a party anywhere anytime on government property for up to fifty people.

Author: highheaven

Educational Professional